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More Banking Executives View Fintechs as Partners in Economist Impact Report on Digital Competition in Global Finance Commissioned by WSO2

In a global survey of 300 C-suite banking industry executives, 54% say their financial institutions have faced greater competition over the past three years from digital alternatives while 47% of UK respondents found this to be the case. However, these executives also indicate that they are better positioned to compete. Notably, 85% of respondents reported that they have, to some extent or more, the necessary technological tools to create new digital products and services. This rises to 90% for

5 Proven Banking API Use Cases Ebook

Faced with ever-growing consumer expectations, a pandemic-driven boom in digital adoption, and the emergence of digital-native challengers, progressive banks are already evolving their strategies.

Gain valuable insights on how several banks from across the digital maturity spectrum — including global leaders such as ING, Crédit Agricole, and Société Générale — use WSO2’s technology to stay relevant and thrive.

In this e-book, we explore how banks have monetized their digital initiatives by:


Introducing Custom Theme Support for the Choreo Developer Portal

The Choreo developer portal makes it easier for API consumers to find and connect to thousands of APIs. Typically, an application developer who may be internal or external to your organization would want to consume the APIs published in the developer portal to develop their applications.

A theme consisting of logos, images, a color scheme, layout, style elements, etc. will contribute to the overall look and feel of a website. Therefore, a theme directly reflects your brand identity and represen

EBC Partners with 'Tree of the Year' | Ceylon Business Reporter

‘Tree of the Year Sri Lanka’ is an exciting new awareness campaign organised by The Carbon Consulting Company, Sri Lanka’s leading sustainability consulting firm. The campaign ties into a contest which is open to all schools in Sri Lanka, and attempts to recognise, record and encourage the preservation of ecological landmarks that are especially important in the hearts and minds of local communities.

To create greater awareness in this regard, The Carbon Consulting Company has partnered with EA

ING Turkey Expands Partner Ecosystem with WSO2

Since working with WSO2 in 2016, ING Turkey has achieved significant results. For example, early in their digital transformation initiative, the bank was able to leverage a 15% cost efficiency over three years and increase the number of transactions per employee by 38%. In addition, the bank expanded its customer base by 40% without adding new branches to its network. The organization achieved this by integrating over 400 partners into its banking systems. In turn, these partners helped add 1,50