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Consistent Growth, Improved Collaboration, and New Cloud Products: WSO2’s Year in Review

As 2022 draws to a close, we sat down with our Chief Revenue Officer Devaka Randeniya to talk about how WSO2 performed over the year, key highlights, and what stakeholders can expect in 2023.

What were some of the highlights for 2022?

WSO2 had yet another successful year. By the close of this year, we expect our annual recurring revenue (ARR) to grow at approximately 30% YoY and net dollar retention (NDR) to stay above 110%, amid currency devaluations and market volatility across the world.

Introducing Choreo API Chat: Transforming Your API Interactions with AI

We're delighted to unveil Choreo API Chat, Choreo's innovative approach to interacting with APIs, powered by Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) 3.5 large language model (LLM) from Azure OpenAI. This allows users to try out APIs running or proxied via Choreo using natural language, serving as a complementary tool to traditional methods. It offers a convenient way to quickly try out endpoints without delving deeply into API specifications or crafting intricate JSON payloads.

At the heart of

How Banks Can Leverage Trust to Compete with Fintechs

When I was young, my grandmother would take me to our small-town bank. The teller would give me a piece of candy and deposit the handful of coins my grandmother had given me, confirming the transaction by typing it up in my savings passbook. I mention this not for the sake of nostalgia, but rather to point out that banking customer interactions have not really changed very much in these intervening decades. The passbook is gone, but not the simple trust-based service model and the limited custom

Revamping the CIAM Experience at IDEXX

Since 1983, IDEXX Laboratories has provided hardware for in-house diagnostics for veterinarians to conduct tests on samples. The company also provides a reference laboratory service to test samples. It is headquartered in Maine, USA, and has offices in the Netherlands.

In 2009, IDEXX developed an application that allows veterinarians to manage their profiles and access other applications. However, as business needs grew, the homegrown application started becoming less useful. The organization w

How APIs Help Healthcare Companies to Innovate Fast

Healthcare, like other industries, has moved towards digitalization over the past few years as it continues to embrace technology. As a result, healthcare data, already a prized source of information, is in the spotlight. RBC Capital Market projects that, “by 2025, the compound annual growth rate of data for healthcare will reach 36%.” This is higher than manufacturing, media and entertainment, and financial services.

For key players in the healthcare ecosystem, creating a culture of innovation

Lessons Learned: Moving from APIs and Integrations to Cloud Native Composite Services

As enterprises compete by innovating new digital experiences, there’s more demand than ever to accelerate the delivery of the APIs and services powering these experiences. To realize business outcomes faster, enterprises have had to take a platform approach, which lays the foundation for new value sources that emerge from digital experience engineering.

However, building a digital platform is not the answer alone. A survey by the Harvard Business Review states that 70% of digital transformation

Introducing Custom Theme Support for the Choreo Developer Portal

The Choreo developer portal makes it easier for API consumers to find and connect to thousands of APIs. Typically, an application developer who may be internal or external to your organization would want to consume the APIs published in the developer portal to develop their applications.

A theme consisting of logos, images, a color scheme, layout, style elements, etc. will contribute to the overall look and feel of a website. Therefore, a theme directly reflects your brand identity and represen