Case Studies

ING Turkey Expands Partner Ecosystem with WSO2

Since working with WSO2 in 2016, ING Turkey has achieved significant results. For example, early in their digital transformation initiative, the bank was able to leverage a 15% cost efficiency over three years and increase the number of transactions per employee by 38%. In addition, the bank expanded its customer base by 40% without adding new branches to its network. The organization achieved this by integrating over 400 partners into its banking systems. In turn, these partners helped add 1,50

Revamping the CIAM Experience at IDEXX

Since 1983, IDEXX Laboratories has provided hardware for in-house diagnostics for veterinarians to conduct tests on samples. The company also provides a reference laboratory service to test samples. It is headquartered in Maine, USA, and has offices in the Netherlands.

In 2009, IDEXX developed an application that allows veterinarians to manage their profiles and access other applications. However, as business needs grew, the homegrown application started becoming less useful. The organization w

WSO2 Provides Clever Care with Cloud-Native Interoperability Focusing on Data Security and Compliance

WSO2 completed the project from inception to go-live in only three months, in time to meet the CMS deadline. The solution is hosted in WSO2’s Open Healthcare Cloud, and includes rigorous quality assurance, usability, and performance testing. With WSO2 Open Healthcare, Clever Care was able to comply with CMS deadlines and take steps to future-proof the company’s digital transformation strategy.